Sentence by Sentence is an experiment. It has only one goal: produce the first entirely user-generated novel, crafted one sentence at a time, by authors from all over the world. Stay tuned to the Story section, to read and write the evolving story, and the Updates section for polls, contests and news.

Contest #1

Chapter Two is complete.

There is only one rule on this site. Please only write ONE sentence at a time. You may write more than one sentence in a row, but if people continue to write absurdly long, run-on sentences, I'm afraid I'll have to start deleting them. After all, the project is called "Sentence by Sentence." Let's keep it that way.

And now, a contest. Before Chapter 3 begins, I'd like you all to name it. So, in the comments section (the same place you'd add a sentence) please leave suggestions for the title of Chapter 3. I will take the best options, and we'll put it to a vote.


Anonymous said...

the village

David Dee said...

Eyes on Killarney

Darlene said...

Good for people to know.